MBI International

Group Overview

Offices of MBI International & Partners are located throughout Europe and the Middle East. Experienced executives are responsible for supporting the strategies and activities of the four subsidiary companies. They are the custodians of the group’s core values which deliver product excellence and exceptional results through inspired leadership of high performance teams.

Support is given on all aspects of corporate strategy and business development including working with group executives to analyse, negotiate and complete major transactions. The team works closely with the in-house legal department and co-ordinates due diligence provided by external advisors in mergers and acquisitions.

The in house legal team provides direct support to group companies on legal matters and assists in the negotiation of complex transactions.

The group's Treasurer is responsible for cash management, foreign exchange exposure, funding and bank relationships across the group. Support is given to individual treasurers in negotiating terms for letters of credit and loan documentation as required.

The group has two teams of internal auditors: one in London to cover European activities, and one in Cairo covering the Middle East. The teams provide support to operational and financial management and ensure the implementation and effective operation of internal controls together with timely and accurate financial reports.

Global IT services and support are provided by a core operations centre based in London, that are linked to the localised departments based in each operational region. Providing state of the art solutions to all the group business units, the team provide network management, security, unified communications and multi-lingual helpdesk services. Our in-house design and development teams integrate the myriad of solutions required to service our management and staff to enable them to maximise the group resources.

 The members of MBI International & Partners, under the guidance of the Chairman, MBI Al Jaber, are tasked with managing ongoing growth and profitability and with devising and delivering a strategic vision that further increases customer satisfaction across all business channels. With a track record of building and leading effective teams and a keen focus on meeting key business objectives, the continued success of the group remains assured.

MBI & Partners UK Limited

Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber is the founder, Chairman & CEO of MBI International, a group of companies with an asset value in excess of USD 9 billion which operates across Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Over the past twenty five years, MBI Al Jaber's businesses have grown into major international concerns.

Name & Registered Office:
MBI & Partners U.K. Limited
78-80 Wigmore Street
London, W1U 2SJ, UK

Company No. 02592636
Tel: +44 (0)20 7935 5859
Email: info@mbiinternational.com