MBI International


Incorporated in 1994 to engage in business activities in the oil and gas industry on the basis of a business model of asset management along the hydrocarbon value chain, bundling package services and technology products through strategic alliances with world class services and technology providers and construction companies.

Continentoil’s mission is to assist resource owners and operators with the optimization, development and monetization in each segment of the oil and gas business.

We work with our customers to improve their managerial, entrepreneurial and operational skills and design structuring or re-structuring plans for customer operational units.

We listen! We believe the resource owner wants (i) to keep control and ownership of their reserves and production (ii) to develop a business partner relationship, (iii) to implement optimal development of their resources and (iv) to acquire the capabilities to develop and operate the hydrocarbon domestic sector through their partners demonstrating and transferring their managerial and operating expertise.

We partner with resource owners to assist in the migration from their current positions to a competitive hydrocarbon resource developer.

MBI & Partners UK Limited

Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber is the founder, Chairman & CEO of MBI International, a group of companies with an asset value in excess of USD 9 billion which operates across Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Over the past twenty five years, MBI Al Jaber's businesses have grown into major international concerns.

Name & Registered Office:
MBI & Partners U.K. Limited
78-80 Wigmore Street
London, W1U 2SJ, UK

Company No. 02592636
Tel: +44 (0)20 7935 5859
Email: info@mbiinternational.com